Make a list that links to anchors

You may recognize Anchors as Bookmarks, which is what they were called in the old CMS. An anchor acts as a destination point for when its corresponding hyperlink is clicked.

Step 1 Create a list of items you will have on your page ie., Lions, Tigers and Bears. This will act as a sort of index.

Step 2 Add the corresponding content to your page below the list (see example below).

Step 3 Create anchors by placing your cursor at the beginning of the word where you want your anchor to be. Click on the anchor icon in the WYSIWYG toolbar and give your anchor a name (I usually name it the same as the word it lives next to). I made each header below my list an anchor.

Step 4 Once you have created all of your anchors, go back to the list you created above and assign each item in your list to an anchor. Do this by selecting the list item and turning it into a hyperlink by selecting the hyperlink icon. Choose “anchor” in the drop-down menu that pops up and then choose the corresponding anchor you created in step 3.


Recreate this Layout

Use your own text and image, but the same headings, spacing, columns, image placement and templates as the example below. Your final result should look just like this example, but with different text and image.

HInt: this layout is created by stacking a one column template on top of a two column template.

Screen shot of the wysiwyg

This is a screenshot of the layout you are recreating in the WYSIWYG editor

Image of what the saved page looks like

This is a screenshot of what your saved Webpage will look like.