Adding a Menu Link

When adding a new item to the menu, it can’t link to nothing, therefore the page needs to be created first. We also won’t link to an empty page, so if you create a new page, add your content, and then submit your request for the new link.


  1. Create the new webpage (if it doesn’t already exist).
  2. Submit your request at and include the URL of the webpage.

Communications manages all navigation content for the website. We will evaluate how the request relates to all navigation across the UNBC website in terms of consistency of language, content, user experience, and general web standards prior to adding the link.

Learn more about our standards for menus here.

A Simplified File Browser

We’ve simplified the file browser so that you’ll only have access to files from sections you have access to.

So, instead of seeing files from every section of the website, you’ll only see the files that matter to you :)

Those changes will be pushed out today, Sept 26, 2013.

Self-Guided Drupal Training is Available!

New User Drupal Training is now available as self-guided training. This new training involves watching a series of videos and submitting an assignment that demonstrates your new skills.

Estimated time commitment: 2-4 hours.

Register for training here:

If you’ve already registered, or taken in-class training, get started here: