The Web Hub is an online resource for UNBC web editors. Here you’ll find resources on how to use Drupal, as well as tips and topics to help make the UNBC website a truly effective communication tool.

The Web Hub was founded when looking for a tool that would provide a rich resource for UNBC web editors to access when tackling online projects. The UNBC website is our #1 communication tool. Here are some stats for you:

  • 87% of all higher education applicants visit institutional websites when considering enrolment
  • 92% of students referred to the website when making their decision to attend UNBC
  • 93% of UNBC students applied online

The success of a website is based on five cornerstones:

  1. Usability: Users must be able to find what they need and enjoy themselves while they find it.
  2. Visibility: Your content must be found and be accessible to all users.
  3. Credibility: The information must be trusted and help to build confidence in the information presented.
  4. Appearance: The presentation of information must be professional, uncluttered, consistent and clean.
  5. Content: Rich, up-to-date and useful content is imperative.

The Web Hub is designed to foster a community of web editors where we can address common issues, celebrate success and learn together. On the Hub, you’ll find technical help with how to use Drupal, as well as tips and topics related the five cornerstones above. We’ll also be posting dates for any upcoming sessions for new user training or special topic workshops.

Browse the blog, engage in the community, pose your questions. The more you engage with this blog, the richer it will become as a resource.

We’re looking forward to working with you.

Emilie Madill
Communications Officer – Web