Unique Places and Getting there!

With the Jet Boat Photography Tour we try to bring new and unique photo opportunities to the participants that they would not otherwise have.  Unless you have a jet boat and you are very familiar with the rivers and ocean of Northwest BC then  these locations would be inaccessible.  We utilize two jet boats for the tour with upto 5 people in each boat which still leaves room for all the camera equipment and personal gear.   If you have not been on a jet boat before it is an amazing experience as the boats allow us to reach remote and untouched locations.  The rivers we navigate are picture perfect with a new surprise and photographic opportunity around each corner.

Cruising up the river in search of new photo opportunities
Participants spreading out in a remote meadow and photographing a variety of things. Wild flowers that they have never seen, cascading waterfalls, snow capped peaks, Mtn Goats on the cliffs or just taking a break and relaxing
As mentioned we utilize two jet boats to explore the rivers and ocean in northwest BC.