Be a part of a Sturgeon Research Project

One of the most unique research projects in Northern BC is now available for the community to take part or for professional development purposes for biologists.  The White Sturgeon Biology Tour in partnership with Lheidli Tenneh fisheries allows individuals to experience the searching, catching, observing and recording of white sturgeon on the upper Fraser River.  One of the first techniques that the guests are exposed to is the use of radio telemetry in tracking previously tagged White Sturgeon.  By using an antenna and receiver we can pin point the location of these prehistoric creatures. The tour is conducted in jet boats as we boat to known holding locations of the fish and then use angling and set lines to catch these fish for the research project.

May 4-5, 2017 Prince George, BC

The radio Telemetry Receiver
Lheidli Tenneh Fisheries Technician looking for sturgeon
The Telemetry receiver in action
Another Tagged Upper Fraser White Sturgeon

Upper Fraser White Sturgeon Biology Experience

This two day tour is one of our most unique with the opportunity to participate in an active Sturgeon tagging program. The guest swill actively participate in the catching and observing the inserting of radio telemetry tags inside the belly of the sturgeon. Guests will learn how to search for past tagged sturgeon with the radio telemetry equipment. The use of set lines and angling equipment will be used to catch the magnificent creatures and then perform a variety of measurements for research purposes. The following video provides a good overview of the two day tour.

2017 White Sturgeon Biology Experience

White Sturgeon Biology Experience

May 4-5, 2017
Prince George, BC

Small Sturgeon caught on the tour

This is the 2nd year of this one of a kind experience to participate in a unique northern BC Tour.

This two day on the river experiential  biology field tour will introduce participants to White Sturgeon biology and conservation and an opportunity participate in an active sturgeon research project.  Guests will be participating in an active research project to catch and tag Upper Fraser White Sturgeon under the guidance of fishery biologists and the local First Nations fisheries technician. This special and unique tour allows guests to be part of an exclusive opportunity that is otherwise unavailable to the public.

Guests assisting with one of the white sturgeon caught for the research

The trip also incorporates a tour through the historical Grand Canyon of the Fraser. Participants will travel via jet boat to locations on the upper Fraser River to learn about the following:

•             Setline techniques
•             Angling techniques
•             Suturing
•             Basics of radio tagging and telemetry
•             Basics of PIT Tagging
•             Basics of FLOY Tagging
•             Sturgeon capture and handling
•             White sturgeon determination of sex and sexual maturity
•             Determining white sturgeon age

Sturgeon in the cradle
Professional Fisheries Biologist inserting a radio tag