Webb Bennett – Kitselas Canyon Historic Site on the Skeena River

The Kitselas Canyon Historic site and home of the Kitselas First Nation is 15 minutes east of Terrace on the banks of the Skeena River.  The highlights include the longhouses, petroglyphs, totem poles, lookout, dugout canoe, interpretive signs and the flora and fauna.  None of these highlights would be complete without the interpretive knowledge and background provided by the curator Webb Bennett.

Webb is a wealth of knowledge and can tell you anything about the history of the area.  He shares his knowledge and shows us the sites as we wind along a path through the beautiful hemlock forest.  He talks about the totem poles and longhouses and how totems are a way for the Kitselas and other first nations to tell their stories as their history isn’t written down anywhere. The experience at the site is hands on as Webb  mentions “It’s a living cultural centre”.  The tour of the longhouses greatly benefits from this belief as the participants can hold and touch the various items on display to get a better feel of the work that went into making them.

We visit the Kitselas Canyon Historic site on a few of our tours.

Skeena River Historic Journey August 1-6, 2017

Ghost Towns of Northwest BC August 20-26, 2017

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Kitselas Canyon Historic site UNBC tour
Our transportation to the Canyon
Kitselas Canyon Historic site UNBC tour
Webb Bennett talking about the Kitselas History
Kitselas Canyon Historic site UNBC tour
The hands on living cultural Centre of Kitselas Canyon
Kitselas Canyon Historic site UNBC tour at the longhouse
Webb explaining the crest to our group
Kitselas Canyon Historic site UNBC tour
Webb Bennett talking to one of our tour groups


UNBC Jet Boat Photography – Kitselas Canyon

One of the highlights of our Jet Boat Photography Tour and the Skeena River Historical Journey by Jet Boat is the running of jet boats through the historical Kitselas Canyon. Here is some footage of our two jet boats going through the canyon. Don’t miss your chance to explore the canyon by jet boat.
Jet Boat Photography Tour June 5-10, 2016
Skeena River Historical Journey August 5-10, 2016

Have you been to the Amazing Kitselas Canyon Historic Site?

One of the highlights on our Jet Boat Photography Tour and Ghost Towns of Northwest BC is the Kitselas Canyon visit.  The Kitselas Canyon National Historic Site has some amazing cultural features  such as petroglyphs, totem poles, culturally modified trees, long houses, canyon viewing platform and archaeological remains.  The Kitselas or “People of the Canyon” have resided in the canyon for thousands of years and there is no better person than Cultural Resource person and Kitselas member  Web Bennett to provide a tour of the site and answer any questions about the history.  Web is an expert in the local Kitselas history and has many stories about the past.

We provide a unique perspective when arriving for our visit to the Canyon as we arrive via Jet Boat after running the guest through the historic canyon. After doing this you get a real appreciation for how the first nations navigated the canyon by canoe and then later on how the Stern wheelers made their way through.

Here are a few photos of the Kitselas Historic site.

Kitselas Totem Poles
Kitselas Totem Poles
Kitselas Long Houses
Kitselas Long Houses
Webb Bennett talking to our guests
Webb Bennett talking to our guests
Kitselas site  transportation
Kitselas site transportation