Waterfalls and more waterfalls!

If you like cascading waterfalls of all shapes and sizes then the “Jet Boat Photography  Tour” will not disappoint. Your senses will go into overload as we round every corner on the river. Waterfalls cascade from every notch and cliff high above the boat.  we also stop at afew spots to get those “creamy” slow mo photo opportunities.


Here are a few samples.

Creamy Waterfall by Andrew Pugh


Cascading Waterfalls


Magnificent Waterfall


Waterfall cascading into a snow patch in June

Wolf Calling and Casting

Coastal wolves are abundant but elusive as we did not have an opportunity to photograph any but we did do some wolf foot print casting on some fresh tracks up one of the remote rivers we visit.  Everyone in the group gets an opportunity to make their own cast of a foot print and take home this unique keepsake.

Our guide pouring the casting material into a fresh wolf print
A few members of the group watching how to make a cast
Our guide “wolf howling” up the valley to get a response from the local wolf pack.

Grizzly Bear Photography via Jet Boat

One day of our Jet Boat tour is specifically targeting the photographing of Coastal Estuary Grizzly Bears.  We jet out to a remote estuary in search of feeding grizzly bears.  The bears come out late May and June to feed on the sedge grasses of the estuary. We will also be on the lookout for other marine mammals and wildlife enroute.  At the end of the day we will jet boat up another river.

A grizzly bear feeding on the estuary sedge grasses
Jet boating out to a remote coastal estuary

Staying at the Yellow Cedar Lodge

All five nights of our  Jet Boat Photography Tour and three nights of our Ghost Towns of Northwest BC will be spent at the magnificent Yellow Cedar Lodge.  The lodge is just a few minutes outside of Terrace BC on the banks of the Skeena River.  All of our dinners and breakfasts will be served here as well.  Red Seal Chef Alf Leslie will provide gourmet dinners int he beautiful Yellow Cedar Dining Hall.   We will depart each morning for our next adventure from the lodge.  The lounge area in the lodge will be the location for our evening social and guest presentations.

The Dining Hall at the Yellow Cedar Lodge
Evening photo of the Lodge
The group listening to one of our evening presenters

Jet Boat Photography 2014 Group Pic

This photo was taken on the first day of the trip last year with the entire group. We had only boated up 5-10 km or so up this amazing river and got out to take some photos of the waterfalls and snow fields that come right down to the shore of the river in JUNE!

Jet Boat Group Photo 2014