Ghost Towns of the East Line

Travelling  along the Upper Fraser to the end of the road through towns like Longworth, Sinclair Mills, Newlands, Hutton and Penny provides a glimpse into the past of our early resource based communities and the lives of the people that worked there.  We were fortunate enough to have Author “Ray Olson” provide interpretive knowledge and share his stories of growing up along the line.  All this is done while travelling in the comfort of a VIA rail train from Prince George to Penny.  When we arrive in Penny the Gobbi family generously provides lunch and tours us around the local homesteads and cemetery.  The day winds up with a Jet Boat ride down the Fraser River through historic and scenic Grand Canyon of the Fraser.

Last year the tour was so popular we delivered two trips to this historic part of our region.  Here are some highlights from last years tour!

Jet Boating through through the historic Grand Canyon of the Fraser
The old Penny BeeHive Burner
Jet Boating down the Fraser River on a sunny May day
Jet Boating through the Grand Canyon of the Fraser
Remnants of a Bee Hive burner along the Fraser River
Enjoying lunch with one of the locals
An old record player in a local homestead
Inside the Penny Community Hall
The Penny Cemetery
Entering the Grand Canyon of the Fraser
Waiting for the guests to arrive on the VIA Rail train
The Via Rail train arriving
An old homestead in Penny
Penny Community hall
The Penny Post Office

The Adventure begins in Prince George!

We have three great tours lined up for the Prince George area this spring.  Exploring the history of our region via train and jet boat as we visit remote and hard to reach sites rich in early 1900’s stories of the past.  We also provide an opportunity to be a part of one of the most unique biological tours in the province.  We assist the Lheidli Tenneh Fisheries program in locating, capturing and tagging Upper Fraser White Sturgeon “The Dinosaurs of the River”.

The Nechako and Fraser Rivers are our highways for these three tours as we explore the two of the largest canyons on the Fraser River and remnants of our early 1900 transportation methods.  Our knowledgeable accompanying resource persons will provide facts and stories to make this one of the most memorable trips you have ever been on.   You do not want to miss out on these amazing trips.

Upper Fraser White Sturgeon Biology Experience – May 3-4, 2018
Historic Fort George River Journey – May 11, 2018
Ghost Towns of the East Line: History of the Upper Fraser – May 12, 2018

For More Information:

Old Miworth Reaction Ferry Pontoon


The Telemetry receiver in action
Historic Ft George Canyon Historic Ft George River Journey Tour
Sturgeon on the Upper Fraser River
Old Beehive Burner at eh Eastline Ghost Town of Penny
Ringbolt in the Grand Canyon of the Fraser
Ringbolt in the Grand Canyon of the Fraser

2017 White Sturgeon Biology Experience

White Sturgeon Biology Experience

May 4-5, 2017
Prince George, BC

Small Sturgeon caught on the tour

This is the 2nd year of this one of a kind experience to participate in a unique northern BC Tour.

This two day on the river experiential  biology field tour will introduce participants to White Sturgeon biology and conservation and an opportunity participate in an active sturgeon research project.  Guests will be participating in an active research project to catch and tag Upper Fraser White Sturgeon under the guidance of fishery biologists and the local First Nations fisheries technician. This special and unique tour allows guests to be part of an exclusive opportunity that is otherwise unavailable to the public.

Guests assisting with one of the white sturgeon caught for the research

The trip also incorporates a tour through the historical Grand Canyon of the Fraser. Participants will travel via jet boat to locations on the upper Fraser River to learn about the following:

•             Setline techniques
•             Angling techniques
•             Suturing
•             Basics of radio tagging and telemetry
•             Basics of PIT Tagging
•             Basics of FLOY Tagging
•             Sturgeon capture and handling
•             White sturgeon determination of sex and sexual maturity
•             Determining white sturgeon age

Sturgeon in the cradle
Professional Fisheries Biologist inserting a radio tag