Anyox Golf Course – Canada’s most westerly

The 1914-1935 copper smelting town of Anyox is one of the Ghost Towns we visit on our “Ghost Towns of Northwest BC” tour.  One of its claims to fame is the most westerly golf course Canada. In this hilly town where most of the relatively flat real estate was being used by the town, it had to be creative to come up with a site for a golf course.  The smelter waste  was called slag and it created vast amounts of this of which it disposed of it on the shore of the ocean ( and into the ocean).  The tiny black silica particles actually provide a suitable subsurface for a golf course and this idea did not get past local resident Sid Peters. In 1929 Sid suggested this idea to some other residents and they all laughed at him. He persevered and created a 9 hole course with gullies, holes, and water hazards (ocean).  The course was quite successful with  regular tournaments on sundays.  Gentlemen in the morning and ladies in the afternoon.  Here are a few photos of the slag pile, ladies golf club and the remnants of an old Tee Box.

Remnants of the Anyox Tee box

Remnants of the Anyox Golf Course Tee Box
Anyox Slag Pile ( aka Golf course)