The Skeena River Tour!

For those looking for an adventure of a lifetime the 300 km Jet Boat Journey down the Skeena River is a must!  This trip begins the 5 day journey down the river in the town of Hazelton and commences in the historic Cassiar Cannery in the Skeena River Estuary.  The month of August typically provides great weather for the expedition.  The scenery on the trip is unparalleled as the river carves its way through the coastal mountains and snow capped peaks.  The history along the river is truly amazing as we visit many places of historical significance.  Don’t miss this August 5-10, 2018 trip that is limited to 10 guests on two jet boats!

Cutting through the Coastal Mountains
Cutting through the Coastal Mountains
Snow and water falls along the edge of the river
Guests enjoying a Cassiar Cannery Sunset
Skeena River Estuary in a Jet Boat
Our two Jet boats making their way down the Skeena River
Animal tracks on Skeena River Sandbar
A Skeena River Tributary
Skeena River
Skeena River
Enjoying a walk on lower Skeena River Sandbar

Grizzly Bear Viewing on BC’s North Coast

On our Northwest BC Grizzly Bear Discovery tour we use jet boats, float planes and ocean boats to bring guests to some of the regions most remote and secluded bear viewing locations.  We  travel by jet boat on the ocean to remote coastal estuaries that are filled with thick carpets of Lyngby Sedge.  We use jet boats so that we can maneuver through all the side channels and that intertwine amongst the estuary and hopefully get us close enough for some amazing photos. A float plane will be used to transport guests to a floating lodge where grizzlies roam the shoreline just minutes away. This year’s tour is June 6-11, 2018 starting in Terrace, BC.

Young Grizzly posing for the camera
Young Grizzly posing for the camera
Grizzly Bear and Cub posing for the Camera


Grizzly Bear combing the shore looking for Sedges
Stalking Grizzlies in the estuary
Float Plane landing with Grizzly Bear Viewing Guests
Family of Grizzlies looking for a meal
Family of Grizzlies looking for a meal

NEW! Kitsault & Alice Arm: The Ultimate Ghost Town Adventure!

Wow!  For those looking to tour two of the most inaccessible ghost towns in British Columbia; now is your chance!  We have permission to visit the modern day ghost town of Kitsault that has sat vacant since 1983!  This town has everything a town would need!  Hospital, Pub, Curling Rink, Movie Theatre, Swimming Pool, Library, Day care, Gymnasium, Squash Courts, Grocery Store, Bank, Sporting Goods Store, Post Office, Hot Tub, Apartments and Houses!  The only thing missing is the people!  BE one of the few people to tour this town and STAY overnight in one of the apartment buildings.  This is a truly a trip of a lifetime.

Kitsault Mall
Kitsault Mall

As an added bonus we will be visiting the historic Silver mining town and home to the Dolly Varden Mine – Alice Arm.  We will tour the town and be treated to magnificent seafood feast on the banks above massive Alice Arm Estuary.

2016 Ghost Town Guests posing in front of Kitsault sign

All this in in a one night two day trip from Terrace, BC to Kitsault and Alice Arm and return to Terrace.  All meals, accommodations, transportation ( return from Terrace, BC to Kitsault and Ocean transportation to Alice Arm.)

This trip will fill up fast and is limited to 12 guests!

August 18-19, 2017


Register no or contact Rob Bryce at (250) 617-5931 or for more information

Kitsault Post Offce
Kitsault Post Offce
Guests getting ready for a showing a the Kitsault Theatre
Guests getting ready for a showing a the Kitsault Theatre
Kitsault Hospital bed
Kitsault Hospital bed
The Alice Arm schoolhouse still remains from the early 1900’s

2018 Adventure Tour Schedule Now Released!

We are very excited to have the schedule for the 2018 UNBC Continuing Studies Adventure Tours released!  We have some of the very popular tours that have been delivered every year and a few new ones for 2018.   See the blog posts below for more details on each of the tours.

UNBC 2018 Adventure Tours

Upper Fraser White Sturgeon Biology Experience
May 3-4, 2018, Prince George, BC

A large sturgeon getting ready to measure and tag


Canneries of the Northcoast
May 14-18, 2018, Cassiar Cannery, Port Edward, BC

Pilings from one of the Port Essington Canneries Photo courtesy of Andrew Pugh


Historic Fort George River Journey
May 11, 2018, Prince George, BC

Historic Ft George Canyon


Ghost Towns of the East Line: History of the Upper Fraser
May 12, 2018, Prince George, BC

Old Beehive Burner at eh Eastline Ghost Town of Penny


“The Town That Got Lost” Anyox Exploration
June 2-3, 2018, Terrace, BC

Anyox Ghost Town
The Anyox Powerhouse “The Town That Got Lost” Anyox Exploration Tour


Northwest BC Grizzly Bear Discovery Tour
June 6-11, 2018, Terrace, BC

Grizzly Bear and Cub posing for the Camera


Northwest Wonders -Jet Boat Photography Tour
June 12-16, 2018, Terrace, BC

Photographing the amazing scenery


Skeena River Historical Jet Boat Journey
August 5-10, 2018, Hazelton – Port Edward, BC

Navigating the 200 km trip down the Skeena River
Navigating the 200 km trip down the Skeena River


Kitsault & Alice Arm: The Ultimate Ghost Town Adventure
August 18-19, 2018, Terrace, BC

The Ghostly and Abandoned Kitsault Shopping Centre Ghost Towns of Northwest BC Tour


Ghost Towns of Northwest BC
August 21-27, 2018, Terrace, BC

The remnants of the Anyox Coke Plant


How Simon Sees the Canneries of the North Coast

Last summer were fortunate to tour a few Social Media Influencers around the Northwest Coast and one of the days was spent in the heart of the historic salmon canneries of the early 1900’s.  We were also blessed to have Northern BC Tourism content creator Simon Ratcliffe along to assist and take some amazing photos of the area.  Check out Simon’s website for some other spectacular photos from some of his other journeys.   Below are a few of the photos as “Simon Sees” through the lense!

How SimonSees the Canneries of the North Coast!

Capturing the imagery and stories of people I meet on my travels.

Simon Ratcliffe
Simon Ratcliffe of Simon Sees

Simon Sees Website

Haunted Doctors house on Digby Island
Social Media Influencer Matt Mosteller is afraid to take another step towards the haunted Dr’s house of Digby Island. Courtesy @simonsees
Canneries of the North Coast
A beautiful boat house on stilts! courtesy @simonsees
Heron on Canneries of north Coast
A Heron waiting for its next meal on the lower Skeena River. Courtesy @simonsees
abandoned boat on UNBC Canneries Tour
One of the many abandoned boats lying on the shores of the lower Skeena River.  photo courtesy of @Simonsees
North Pacific Cannery UNBCTour
Trees growing off a stilted platform at North Pacific Cannery. Photo Courtesy of @simonsees
canneries of the north coast north Pacific
Classic Cannery Building on pilings. Photo courstesy of @simonsees
North Pacific Cannery
North Pacific Cannery! Photo courtesy of @simonsees
Port Essington Boneyard
George Frizzell Boneyard! Remnants from the imported cows of the butcher shop! Photo courtesy @simonsees
Carlisle Cannery UNBC Canneries tour
Ringbolts from a rock island at Carlisle Cannery! Can you see them? Simon Can! Photo courtesy @simonsees
Cassiar Cannery
Double rainbow from the deck of the Manager houses at Cassiar Cannery! Photo Courtesy @simonsees
Osland Icelandic community
Old abandoned boat from the Icelandic community of Osland! photo courtesy of @simonsees
Osland Icelandic fishing community
The long boardwalk at the Icelandic fishing community of Osland! Photo courtesy of @Simonsees

For more information on the UNBC Canneries of the North Coast Tour:

Canneries of the North Coast Tour

Westworld Magazine Skeena River Tour Article

Northern BC Adventure Tours Article

The Skeena River and Northwest BC are one of the most beautiful places in the world.  We were fortunate enough to share this region with writer Janet Gyenes who gave a very stunning account of her visit to the area.  We incorporated a touch of many of our Northern BC Adventure Tours during the few days.  Read the online article or the screenshots below.

Online link to the issue Page 11 for the article

UNBC Adventure Tour
Northern BC Adventure Tour Article
Skeena River Historical Journey
BCAA Westworld article on the Skeena River Historical Journey
Skeena River Historic Tour
Page three of the BCAA Westworld article on the UNBC Continuing Studies Northern BC Adventures

The Canneries of the Lower Skeena River

A Truly Amazing North Coast BC Tour!

The lower Skeena River on British Columbia’s North Coast was line with over 26 canneries starting in 1877 with the Inverness Cannery. Inverness was situated in the Skeena Slough or one arm of the delta of the Skeena River before it empties into the Pacific Ocean. This slough is also Known as “Cannery Row” due to the numerous canneries which lined it’s shores. North Pacific Cannery and Cassiar Cannery still have substantial remains with North Pacific now a national historic site. Other than these two relatively easily accessible canneries, many of the other ones are boat access only and at different stages of decay and remaining remnants. The hidden treasures that remain and the stories they tell are truly amazing. One of the best sources of information on the canneries is Gladys Blyth’s book “Salmon Canneries British Columbia North Coast”. We are fortunate to be able to deliver a 3 day tour to these sites plus many other fishing villages and historic sites in our “Canneries of the North Coast Tour”. Through the UNBC “Northern BC Adventures Program”


canneries north coast unbc
Information of the Canneries of the North Coast

Ghost Town of Alice Arm in the News

Global TV Spotlight on the Ghost Town of Alice Arm

This once thriving Silver Mining town Alice Arm of the early 1900’s is home to the Dolly Varden Silver Mine and a dozen or so cabins and homesteads.  It is also one of our stops on the UNBC Continuing Studies “Ghost Towns of Northwest BC” Tour.  Some of the highlights include the 1920 schoolhouse, bakery, haunted houses, old derelict vehicles, polish prison, seafood BBQ, waterfalls, salmon and bears.   Below the video are a few more photos of the town.  For a good read on the history of the town Darryl Muralt’s book “Steel Rails & Silver Dreams” provided an insightful look into the boom and bust times of this silver mining town and the tribulations of building a small railway in some of the most inhospitable conditions.  The town really is a unique pace to visit!

Alice Arm Main Street
Alice Arm Main Street Ghost towns of Northwest BC
Alice Arm Bakery Window
Alice Arm Bakery Window Ghost Towns of Northwest BC
Alice Arm Lodge Ghost Townd of Northwest BC
The Alice Arm Lodge
Alice arm Ghsot Towns of Northwest BC
More coat rack names at the Alice Arm School
Steel Rails and Silver Dreams book





Historic Canyons, Railways and Reaction Ferries

Many Prince George residents have lived in this area for a long time but have never explored in their own backyard.  Here is a perfect opportunity to learn about our history and view some of the most iconic historical sites in the region.  Reaction ferries, Canyons, Railways, Goat Island, Bollards, Rapids, and hopefully some local wildlife will make this a memorable trip! May 15 or June 17, 2017

Reaction Ferry
The tour will commence with a 30 minute jet boat ride up the Nechako River to the site of the Miworth Reaction Ferry. In Miworth two hulls of the ferry still remain, plus a wooden derrick tower. This ferry operated from 1922 to the mid 1940’s. Reaction ferries were common in the interior for crossing many of our river systems. The ferries consist of two pontoon hulls and a cable across the river. The energy of the river current is used to angle the pontoons across the river. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit this historic site.

Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Bridge
From the Miworth Reaction Ferry site, we will journey to the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Bridge. This iconic Prince George feature is over 100-years old and is still the longest railway bridge in B.C. While viewing the Bridge from below, Jeff will provide a historic perspective of the bridge. On this stretch of our journey a stop will also be made at Goat Island, where this island’s contribution to the building of the GTP Railway Bridge and the stories of Jim Johnson’s goat farm will be told.

Fort George Canyon
The last destination on our tour is Fort George Canyon where the sternwheelers of the early 1900’s attempted to navigate and winch themselves through the rock outcropped islands and fast flowing rapids and whirlpools of this narrow pass in the Fraser River. We will learn and experience why it was so difficult to bring these boats through this extremely treacherous section of the river. Don’t miss this chance to experience the rich history of our local rivers!

Webb Bennett – Kitselas Canyon Historic Site on the Skeena River

The Kitselas Canyon Historic site and home of the Kitselas First Nation is 15 minutes east of Terrace on the banks of the Skeena River.  The highlights include the longhouses, petroglyphs, totem poles, lookout, dugout canoe, interpretive signs and the flora and fauna.  None of these highlights would be complete without the interpretive knowledge and background provided by the curator Webb Bennett.

Webb is a wealth of knowledge and can tell you anything about the history of the area.  He shares his knowledge and shows us the sites as we wind along a path through the beautiful hemlock forest.  He talks about the totem poles and longhouses and how totems are a way for the Kitselas and other first nations to tell their stories as their history isn’t written down anywhere. The experience at the site is hands on as Webb  mentions “It’s a living cultural centre”.  The tour of the longhouses greatly benefits from this belief as the participants can hold and touch the various items on display to get a better feel of the work that went into making them.

We visit the Kitselas Canyon Historic site on a few of our tours.

Skeena River Historic Journey August 1-6, 2017

Ghost Towns of Northwest BC August 20-26, 2017

For more information

For tour information

Kitselas Canyon Historic site UNBC tour
Our transportation to the Canyon
Kitselas Canyon Historic site UNBC tour
Webb Bennett talking about the Kitselas History
Kitselas Canyon Historic site UNBC tour
The hands on living cultural Centre of Kitselas Canyon
Kitselas Canyon Historic site UNBC tour at the longhouse
Webb explaining the crest to our group
Kitselas Canyon Historic site UNBC tour
Webb Bennett talking to one of our tour groups