Anyox Wooden Stave Water Pipes

The Anyox Dam transported water from the dam to the powerhouse.  They used wooden stave pipes to transport the water water and used a stack midway to buffer the pressure between the two.  We are able to hike up to one of the stacks and view the remains of the water lines.

The water pipe entering the water stack


Anyox wooden water pipe remnants
Anyox wooden water pipe remnants
Iron piping straps is all that remains from the water pipe from the dam
Iron piping straps is all that remains from the water pipe from the dam
Anyox Water stack in the foreground
Anyox Water stack in the foreground

Where to stay in Anyox?

On our Ghost Towns of Northwest BC tour we are privileged enough to be one of the only groups allowed in to tour this historic Ghost Town.  Another added benefit is being able to stay over night in the town. Staying overnight onsite allows for the guest to explore on their own after dinner or before breakfeast if they desire. You might ask where would you stay in this 1920–30’s abandoned town?  The owner has brought in a camp style accommodations that are relatively quite nice for being in such a remote location.  The lodging is on the 2nd floor and overlooks Granby Bay.  We will have power for everyone to charge their batteries and showers for everyone to freshen up.

Here are a few photos of the accommodation.

Sleeping rooms
View from the sitting area
Sitting area
Evening presentation
Overlooking Granby bay at night

Port Essington Ghostly Cemeteries

If you have a passion for visiting cemteries and especially remote, overgrown, seldom visited  then our ghost towns trip is for you.   We will be visiting the Port Essington and Anyox Cemeteries.  Both of these are so remote and seldom visited that it is a bit of a challenge to even find the sites and when we do the moss and plants are taking over.  Here are a few photos.


Port Essington Cemetery
Eerie Gravestone
Port Essington graveyard
Moss covered
port essington head stone
Picket Fence
Multi cultural cemetery

Jet Boat Photography Tour Day 5

The last and final day we visited the old Salmon Cannery town of Port Essington and then finished it off with a soothing soak in a remote hotspring.  We also do this same day on our Ghost Towns of Northwest BC tour. The highlight was a bushwack to the Port Essington Cemetery.   I would also like to thank tour guest Pat Suter for the use of many of her photos in the blog over the past 5 days.

Getting ready to head off to the cemetery
One of the many moss covered grave stones
This head stone is barely visible after over 100 years
Port Essington Pilings
Soothing Soak in a remote hotspring


First Day of the 2015 Jet Boat Photography Tour

Here is an update from sunny Kitimat, BC and the beautiful Minette Bay Lodge as this was our home for two nights to start the trip.  Today our adventurous group headed out on some bumpy ocean seas in search of remote Grizzly Bears.  We did manage to see a couple of bears.  Here are a few photos from the day.


This bear fooled us by not coming out where we thought he would and came up beside us to have a look


Here we saw some fresh Grizzly prints in the mud along the estuary
Our guide pointing at a bear across the estuary

Heading back to Kitimat at the end of the day