Kitsault’s Harvest Gold

During our “Ghost Towns of Northwest BC” tour we are fortunate enough to stay overnight in a few of the Ghost Towns. These include Anyox, Alice Arm and Kitsault. Kitsault is the modern day ghost town that has sat empty since 1982 when the Molybdenum mine shut down and the residents were forced to leave. Our guests will be staying in one of the family apartments while we tour the community. If you are looking to be “Taken back in time” then you do not want to miss this opportunity. One of the time capsule moments that stuck with me during the visits is the “Harvest Gold” appliances that accompany each suite. These bring back many memories from my youth when we had the same colored stoves and fridges.

Kitsault Apartment
Harvest Gold Kitchen
Harvest Gold Countertop

Oona River Rainbow House

The boat building community of Oona river on Porcher Island is one of our stops on the “Canneries of the NorthCoast” tour in late May.  The community is a very interesting place with remnants of the boat building past everywhere.  One thing that does not fit the theme of this era is the “Rainbow House. It is owned by Oona River residents  Lutz and Wendy.  When I asked about the story behind the house they told me they painted it these colors to brighten up the place during the cloudy and rainy days that the coast frequently experiences.  Btw If you were wondering what the weather is doing right now at Oona River  they also have a weather station there.

Here are a few photos of the Rainbow House

Oona River Rainbow House
Oona River Rainbow House
Rainbow House cat