Thoughts from one of last year’s guests!

On last years Jet Boat Photography Trip were lucky enough to have Ute Wilder come along.  Ute is a lovely lady with a passion for adventure & photography.  I though I would share a few quote and photos from Ute.


“The many waterfalls along the rivers were amazing”

“Coming home to the comfortable Lodge ,[overlooking the Skeena river] and excellent food prepared by the chef [home made bread, cheese, pies, and ice creams ] All equipment and clothes dried over night and ready the next morning.”

“This Jet boat Photography Trip took us into an area of natural beauty, abandoned towns and historic sites.”

“Knowledgeable Guides showed us wildlife, wildflowers , and took us up 4 beautiful rivers and an estuary where we saw and photographed grizzly bears and caught crabs in traps outfitted with cameras, so we could watch it.”


“In all it was a wonderful trip to learn about the natural area , historic sites, and native culture”


For those of you looking for some amazing photos from this region contact Ute Wilder