Waterfalls and more waterfalls!

If you like cascading waterfalls of all shapes and sizes then the “Jet Boat Photography  Tour” will not disappoint. Your senses will go into overload as we round every corner on the river. Waterfalls cascade from every notch and cliff high above the boat.  we also stop at afew spots to get those “creamy” slow mo photo opportunities.


Here are a few samples.

Creamy Waterfall by Andrew Pugh


Cascading Waterfalls


Magnificent Waterfall


Waterfall cascading into a snow patch in June

Northword magazine – Ghost town on the Skeena: Days of Dorreen

Following up on yesterdays post on Dorreen I though I would add an informative article on the history of Dorreen.


Approximately 30 miles northeast of Terrace, across the Skeena River from Highway 16, is the historic community of Dorreen. There, running along the railway track from the old station to the railway bridge over Fiddler Creek, are the remains of a community that at first glance seems to have been simply left behind. Alders grow on the flat deck of an old round-fendered truck, horse-drawn farm implements peek out from the bracken ferns, a one-room schoolhouse sits vacant. But it wasn’t always like this.  ………..


To read the full article click the link below


Northword Magazine Article on Dorreen