UNBC Wellness Centre

The UNBC Wellness Centre consists of a team of registered / certified, caring professionals dedicated to assisting students in their academic, personal and career success. The counsellors are highly educated, trained and experienced in providing services to help students manage the challenges of university life.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Client records are held in strict confidence within the UNBC Wellness Centre. Client information will not be released without written consent by the client. Exceptions will be made in a life threatening emergency, or as required by law or public health regulations.

Services Provided

  • Personal Counselling: Professional, registered / certified counsellors provide a confidential and discrete atmosphere in which students can discuss any topic or situation of concern. The Centre is dedicated to helping students explore options and create solutions. The counsellors supervise and mentor bachelor and master’s level practicum counsellors who also provide therapeutic and other services.
  • Career Counselling: Through the use of the Wellness Centre and with the assistance of professional counsellors and career peer helpers, students are supported in making informed career decisions based on critical self-awareness. We provide current and relevant information and tools to promote personal and career awareness and to assist in the decision making process.
  • Group Counselling and Workshops: Throughout the academic year, supportive groups, training and workshops are offered for students, faculty, staff and volunteers in a number of different areas of interest. Please visit our website or check with the receptionist for current information.
  • Psychiatric Clinic: Psychiatric Clinics are offered one afternoon a week at the Prince George campus. The psychiatrist works in close partnership with the counsellors and will complete a full assessment and may provide ongoing support. Students must be referred by a physician. Please contact the UNBC Wellness Centre for more information.
  • Consultation: The UNBC Wellness Centre provides counselling services to UNBC students only. Consultation is provided to faculty, staff, students, family members and friends who may have general questions or concerns related to student well-being. In addition, consultation and support services are provided for dealing with “at risk” students.
  • Community Services: The Wellness Centre provides services in partnership with a number of community agencies which includes but is not limited to, groups, workshops and training, in-service, crisis response, etc. Information and referrals are available to link students, faculty and staff with resources and services available in the community. Contact the Centre for a detailed list.
  • Regional Services: Regional campuses provide access to personal counselling through agreements with registered, professional counsellors. For further information regarding regional counselling services please contact the Wellness Centre Manager, Greg Beattie at (250) 960-6362.

Emergency and Crisis Response (Prince George Only):

CALL US: (250) 960-6369

Crisis situations are responded to immediately between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. Crisis response is provided for all members of the UNBC community.

For personal crises occurring after hours, please contact:

Campus Security from any phone on campus at 3333 (for emergencies), or 250-960-7058 (non-emergency)

Prince George Regional Hospital at 250-565-2000

The Prince George Crisis Line (24 hr service) at 250-563-1214