The reef tank blog

Welcome to the UNBC reef tank blog. On this site I hope to publish occasional muusings about the life in the UNBC reef tank, including species profiles, news about what is happening, notifications about new inhabitants et. The binder hanging by the tank has essentially been out of date for 10 years, so this blog will give me the opportunity to post up-to-date information that can be accessed on the internet. I will also post information on reef keeping as I know it, as well as things happening around Prince George like the Annual Reef tank tour. For the past few years this has been organized by Russell vanderEnde, and we just finished our 7th year. It provides an opportunity to view reef tanks at different stages of development and to connect with other reef tank keepers.

Today I added some new fish to the tank as there has been some losses in the past few months. Four yellowtail damselfish, one Lubbock’s fairy wrasse, one eibli dwarf angel, one scooter blenny dragonet, and one purple porcelain crab were added without incident. Some of these have some personality issues that can be troublesome, so I will follow them and provide updates on how they fare.

UNBC reef tank in the early days

The photo above shows the reef tank when most of the corals were so called soft corals, which require less light and therefore tend to be easier to keep. Some of the fish you see in the photo (e.g., the clownfish and the green chromis) are still there, however, as many can live for 10 years or more. The tank looks very different now, because corals grow and multiply. In fact, the header picture was taken 3 years ago, and there is little resemblance between that photo and the tank today. I will describe some of the changes in the tank as they occur, including natural and human imposed ones.

I hope you will find this blog site informative and helpful. Many of the animals in the tank, and yes corals are animals, have fascinating little secrets that you may find interesting.

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