Graduate Lounge

There is a restricted-access lounge for graduate students located in the west wing of the Teaching and Learning Building (Building 10) in room 10 – 3016. The lounge contains several amenities including a cozy fireplace, comfy couches, fridge, microwave, sink, large screen TV, DVD/VCR player, and UNBC Wireless connection.

The lounge is a space for graduate students to eat, meet with friends, relax or study. Graduate students are encouraged plan movie nights or use the lounge for social gatherings. The lounge is a nexus for the graduate student community at UNBC and upcoming events are posted on the large calendars.

Rules for the lounge:

  • Clean up after yourself
  • The lounge is open to all NBCGSS members 24 hours per day
  • Do not post unrelated material in the lounge

Please contact a representative of the NBCGSS if you are having problems regarding the lounge.

The lounge is accessed by swiping an activated student card. To have your student card activated, please present in-person to the NBCGSS office and speak with the Office Administrator who will provide you with the paperwork to make a request to UNBC Facilities. UNBC Facilities is responsible for completing the process of card activation.