Email Sent by on October 6th, 2016. SubjectUrgent- Final Update on Computer Replacement/Upgrade in Grad offices & Computer Lab

Hello graduate students,
Hope you’ve all had a good start to the semester.
If you are a new student or you were recently assigned an office space by the NBCGSS office, or you a returning student- so pretty much every graduate student, then please take some time to read this email.
We have finally been able to get a confirmed date for the upgrade and replacement of computers in grad offices and the graduate computer lab. This starts next week- the week of October 10th, 2016.
This is a final reminder to all, as several emails have been sent in the last few months. Kindly save your work/projects/assignments etc on external devices or the student drive/network drives to ensure they are not lost (please make sure nothing is on the C drive). Each person is responsible for backing up their data on or before tomorrow- October 7th, 2016. Please note that all the systems in the graduate computer lab (10-3032) will be changed. NBCGSS will not be liable for any work/data lost, once the systems have been changed.
Kindly note that once the computers have been replaced, IT department will clear all data and dispose the computers.
For students who have installed programs or software on their systems, please send an email to, copy with the following details so that we can handle this appropriately; Name, office number, desk space, computer code, name of software/program. The final date for this is also tomorrow- October 7th, 2016 (if you already sent me an email on this, I have passed on your information to IT).
We don’t want you to experience any disruptions with your study. Please contact us if you require for further information.
At the moment, I can’t confirm the exact offices that will be affected, hence the need for everyone to get this done per the dates stated above.
Kindly inform other graduate students that may miss this email.
Thank you.
Ibukun Olasanmi
Director of I.T. & Communications, NBCGSS
University of Northern British Columbia
Prince George, BC
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