Biography and Platform of NBCGSS 2016 By-election Nominees

Campaign period for NBCGSS 2016 By-Election is ongoing. Find below biography and platform submitted by nominees.

Voting will hold on Jan 21st 2016. Details to follow.


Trina Johnson

As a former president of the English Student Society, a current volunteer with the Northern Women’s Centre, and an Editor of the student anthology produced in 2013, Unpacking the North: A UNBC Student Anthology, I have participated in many ways at UNBC. I love this university and am so proud to have graduated my BA here. This is a dynamic university, full of passion and pride in our accomplishments. We strive for excellence and I want to help the NBCGSS and student body continue reaching for those heights of excellence.

In my role as the president for the English Student Society, I encouraged and helped facilitate a social and community focused environment. I feel I can do the same with the GSS, bringing connection and community to foster a positive and supportive climate for the grad student body here at UNBC.

Director of Student Affairs

Jessy Rajan

I think it would be a refreshing change from my current position. Would love to change up society social events and do something new!


International Representative

Tashi Yang Chung Sherpa

Hello fellow Graduate students,

I am Tashi Yang Chung Sherpa, a graduate student enrolled for Master’s degree in Natural Resources and Environmental studies at UNBC. I did my Master’s and undergraduate degree in Rural Development from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

It is an honour for me to run for the position of International Representative in the Northern B.C. Graduate Student’s Society (NBGSS) for the year 2016. My experience of working with national and international organization in the field of development and research gave me a chance to work well in a team setting. I decide to run for the position because I am international student myself. Everyone has different experience, as for me, I came here to get an international degree and gain success. However, living abroad alone as a student is not easy. It becomes even more difficult if you are not aware of the information and services that University provide for the students. The supports and services at UNBC are remarkable, but as an international student, we often end up not seeking help and struggle as a new student.

My role as an International representative is to work on the issues concerning the International Graduate students and bring them to the Graduate student board when necessary. I would like to assist new international students in transitioning to UNBC. I want to be helpful to represent different culture, religions, traditions, and backgrounds on all university grounds.

Thank you for considering me for this position and I look forward to serving you as an International Representative.


CASHS Representative

Heather Thomas

I’m very excited for the opportunity to run for the position of CASHS Representative in the 2016 NBCGSS By-Election. As a new graduate student at UNBC I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know other students in different departments and participating campus life. Representing CASHS grad students with the NBCGSS would be a fantastic opportunity to become more involved, meet many more people, and give back to the NBCGSS/ UNBC community in a meaningful way. I really enjoy connecting with people and helping others.  Through my previous experience as teacher and support worker I’ve been able to develop listening and communication skills that I think would be helpful in the position of CASHS Representative. Should my peers at the university decide to elect me as CASHS representative I will do my upmost to represent their voices with accountability, integrity and respect. Thank you! J




CSAM Representative

Chandehl Morgan

I am currently a MSc candidate, doing research into a sustainable method of water treatment for developing countries. I grew up in a small town outside of Chilliwack, where I developed a love for the outdoors. This came through time spent hiking, swimming, kayaking, and running outside. My appreciation of the environment grew into a passion for sustainability as I learned more about the environment, and human impacts on it, throughout my BSc in environmental science that I completed at UNBC.

I also love to travel. I have visited Mexico, China, Zimbabwe and Kenya, and will be performing my research in Uganda. I am passionate about global perspectives, and believe that it is important to consider how our actions and way of life impact the global community. I am creative and motivated, and I enjoy learning.

Zeyi Tong

I’m Zeyi Tong, a graduate student pursuing a Master of Science degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies at UNBC. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science in Wenzhou University. My current research is about soil remediation.

I would like to make an effort to serve graduate students and solve problems you have by expressing your voice as a CSAM representative. I am grateful for the opportunity and support.

Sustainability Representative

Kate Hewitt

I received my undergraduate degree in Geography from the University of Victoria before commencing my MNRES Master’s degree at the University of Northern British Columbia in May 2015.


My main areas of interest are sustainable water and watershed management and ecosystem approaches to human health (ecohealth). My research focuses on the issues and strategies surrounding the water of the Nechako River Basin.


Originally from Victoria, I have spent time living in the Yukon and on Haida Gwaii, where I was able to experience the multifaceted circumstances of sustainable resources management with both settlers and First Nations. This greatly influenced my academic path and personal interests.


I believe I would be a great Sustainability Representative for NBCGSS. I have a sustainability training/education and previous experience working in administration at the University of Victoria. These are two excellent examples of how my background and experience would be beneficial to this position. I am also a Pacific Regional Rep for the Canadian Water Network’s Student and Young Professionals Committee. This is a great initiative that forces supportable water systems, issues, programs, and experience within individual’s watersheds. I am keen to communicate with others to increase awareness and action on issues pertaining to student interests.


Thank you for you time.


Aaron Zwiebel

Environmental issues have concerned me from long before sustainability was a buzz-word, and I am making it my life’s work to improve the relationship between humans and the environment. This passion is reflected in my current occupation, assessing the impact from the Mt. Polley mine disaster, and other roles I hold including secretary of the Society for Ecological Restoration of Western Canada. I know other members of the university environmental scene, including Kyrke Gaudreau of the university green office, and Melanie Anderson of PGPIRG. For these and other reasons too lengthy to include, I am an appropriate and capable candidate to improve campus sustainability, and work with other institutions already in place.


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