Academic Structure Collaborative Team

Dear UNBC Graduate Student,

As you might be informed, the five Action Planning Working Groups (APWG) have been working hard since November on Phase II of the Academic Planning Process at UNBC within the Action Planning Framework set by the Senate. The Academic Structure Collaborative Team, as one of these five Action Planning teams, has been investigating the current UNBC academic structure and has been trying to come up with some recommendations for improvement.
In doing so, the Academic Structure Collaborative Team would also like to include graduate students’ voices and their thoughts on how UNBC academic structure works for them. We would be asking for two graduate student volunteers from each degree program to sit with our team for an hour and answer a few questions about their experiences with the academic structure in their respective programs.
We value your participation and we hope that our graduate students’ insights will enrich the recommendations made by this collaborative team.

The Academic Structure Collaborative Team

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