Welcome from NBCGSS

NBCGSS welcomes all of our graduate student members, new and returning, to the 2015-2016 academic year at UNBC! We are very happy to be celebrating UNBC’s 25th Anniversary with you. Please explore our website to learn about your organization and the services we provide. Ask us how you can get connected with NBCGSS, student lead campaigns, and the UNBC community.

Our Graduate Student Society began in 1997, less than a decade after UNBC’s inception. The NBCGSS Graduate Council democratically represents about 750 full- and part-time graduate students, who pay dues and make up our general membership. Members are accorded certain rights by our Society bylaws, and representatives of the Graduate Council provide advocacy and peer support in navigating academic and administrative challenges our members may face. Members of our Graduate Council also ensure that there is graduate student representation on boards and committees across campus. Throughout the year, NBCGSS coordinates various social and community service events to foster a thriving graduate student community. We invite you to come and get involved!

NBCGSS is a prospective member of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS).