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Right now I am:

  • teaching three courses at the University of Northern British Columbia during the January-April 2015 semester: Invertebrate Zoology (BIOL 202), Molecular Cell Physiology (BIOL 312), and Animal Behaviour (BIOL 420).
  • finishing up one major funded project (Biodiversity Monitoring and Assessment Program); continuing on with another (TRIA-Net); and supervising/co-supervising and personally working on a variety of fun projects (Crooked River biodiversity, urban biodiversity in Prince George, spruce beetle aggregation pheromone geographic variation, lodgepole pine resistance to insects and disease, feeding deterrents for stored product pests, aquatic food webs) as well.
  • looking for, and applying for, funding to maintain our lab’s developing aquatic biodiversity and eDNA work. (What is eDNA?)
  • working with undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs on a variety of papers and book chapters¬†(by my current count, ~12)¬†in a various states of the writing and publication process.
  • supervising or co-supervising four graduate students, two postdoctoral associates, and six undergraduate students.
  • anticipating and working toward the successful thesis defenses within the next year of at least one M.Sc. student and two Ph.D. students.
  • looking forward to this summer and time for processing the ton of data and specimens that our lab has been generating recently (BMAP, Crooked River, and the urban biodiversity project), and for helping to push forward other work (particularly our TRIA-Net mountain pine beetle system genomics research).
  • Chair of the UNBC Biology Curriculum Committee.
  • working on three additional committees at UNBC: Research Space Committee, Educational Technology Committee, Experiential Learning Committee.
  • attempting to put out a blog post on this site once in awhile.
  • working to maintain a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a healthy mind.