Right now I am:

  • working with colleagues and students on a variety of papers and book chapters (by my current count… lots) in various states of the writing and publication process.
  • supervising or co-supervising three great graduate students, two fantastic postdoctoral associates, and one exemplary undergraduate student.
  • teaching two UNBC courses (BIOL 311 and NRES 701) in autumn 2018 and then… a six-month sabbatical!
  • trying to find time to process the ton of data and specimens.
  • Chair of the UNBC Biology Curriculum Committee.
  • attempting to put out a blog post on this site once in awhile.
  • always getting ready for another NaPoWriMo ; you can see the results of past participation (some very drafty poetry) here.
  • on an ongoing – and so far unsuccessful – quest to find a venue to maybe publish my Corvidae-based poetry chapbook manuscript. If you like crows, ravens, magpies, jays, photography, and poetry, contact me!
  • preparing for a sabbatical in 2019 – I’m planning lots of sample processing, data crunching, writing, reading, and maybe taking a course or two.
  • working to maintain a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a healthy mind.

(Updated 9-MAY-2018)