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Category Archives: just because

The stuffed arctic fox

What the hell am I doing underfoot of a polar bear damn it?

Coffee kiosk polar bear

This podium is no ice floe and those creatures aren’t seal meals. I’m just hoping that one of them walks a bit too close to that cordon. I’m hungry. Plus I hear the lattes are to die for.

An ode to the muskox in the lab building basement

  Imagine for a moment that you’re a muskox and it’s damned cold and even more damned windy. You scrape your hoof over a rock to get at a veneer of moss under a drift of snow which incidentally is blowing around you and your herd in diagonal-horizontal mini-tornadoes. A threat appears out of the […]

Flying solitude

Between 7 and 21 November I flew across the country and back two times. Once for the Entomological Society of Canada Joint Annual Meeting (in lovely Montreal) and the other time for the annual CCUBC meeting (again in Montreal). I don’t normally travel this much, let alone in such a temporally concentrated manner. As a […]

Ode to the Corvidae

When spring comes to this part of the world, so do the birds. In a mere couple of months or so – perhaps less in the case of some species – we’ll start to hear their singing in the morning. They’ll stick around all summer and into the autumn. But eventually all of them leave. […]

Beetle Byte (27 December 2013 edition)

Only one link this week, as the holiday draws to a close. Taking Down the Tree – by Jane Kenyon With something more than caution I handle them, and the lights, with their tin star-shaped reflectors, brought along from house to house, their pasteboard toy suitcases increasingly flimsy. Tick, tick, the desiccated needles drop.

Beetle byte (4 October 2013 edition)

Hey, I’ve kept this up for a few weeks in a row! Here are the now-regular (hopefully to stay that way… we’ll see how it goes) half-dozen Coleopteran mandible dainties. You’re checking your smartphone too much! The take-home, Ballard says, is that being connected isn’t always entirely a bad thing. “The benefits are only sustainable, […]

Watching hockey

A found poem that I was given while hanging out with some Vancouver Canucks fans a few playoffs ago… in celebration of the first regular season face-off of the 2013/2014 season. —– Watching hockey Look at that. Did you see that? How could they miss? Did you see that? Just dump it in. No! You […]

Beetle byte (27 September 2013 edition)

It’s been a great week of (mainly sunny and crisp) autumn fieldwork for me, so I haven’t worked up another blog post. I’ll try to get to that soon as well. But for now here are a few links that I found to be interesting/amusing/useful on the web this week. Some thoughts to consider on GMOs […]

Beetle byte (20 September 2013 edition)

Just a few links to kick off your weekend. Amazing bristlecone pines I am not a fan of the desert. It seems unnecessarily brutal. Being a person is a huge disadvantage in the desert, where there is nothing interesting to do besides getting lost and dying.   Peer review: The more things change… With an […]