Watching hockey

A found poem that I was given while hanging out with some Vancouver Canucks fans a few playoffs ago… in celebration of the first regular season face-off of the 2013/2014 season.


Watching hockey

Look at that.
Did you see that?
How could they miss?

Did you see that?
Just dump it in.

You can’t do that,
You know?
Just sit back like that
On your heels.

C’mon. Let’s put one in guys.
I can’t watch.

C’mon guys. Get it out.
I can’t watch.

We haven’t won one face-off yet.

OK dump it in.
Carry it now!

Oh no!
How did that not go in?

Oh man!
What happened there?
That should be a penalty shot.

Too many men on the ice,

I can’t watch.
Settle down boys!

That would’ve been close.
Maybe one of these times.
Maybe an odd-man rush?

Don’t let him walk in.

Oh my goodness!
How did that not go in?
Look at that open space!
That goalie’s good.

You turkeys.

I told you.
They have one of the best
Goalies in the league.

Looks like…
We’re going into second overtime?

Maybe a goal on the face-off?
No such luck.
Is this game gonna go to midnight?

Oh I hate that.
Just dumping the puck.

That hurts.

Game over.

We can’t go to the end
With one goal.

It’s too thin.