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Additional Cool Links and Resources

(If you find something in your netsurfing that you think would be interesting or useful, leave a comment with a link on this page and I will review it and, if I agree with you, I’ll add it to our list of cool links and resources.)

HITRECORD:  HITRECORD is an online artists’ collaboratory.  All original records (text, artwork, video, music… er… knitting…) contributed by the Recorders become part of the great collection of resources that can be used and remixed by the community as a whole.  The site features hundreds of collaborations that seek to harness and direct the creative energy of the community.  The collaboratory has released two books and some short films that have been screened at the Sundance Film Festival.  The site director, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (RegularJOE), also hosts “HITRECORD at the Movies” screenings all over the world.  It’s dynamic.  It’s art as perpetual motion machine.  It’s my favourite place to hang out.  And it’s the inspiration for your REMIX Assignment.  And the best part?  You can join!  Clicky clicky.

Here are some links to the records we looked at from hitRECord on Sept. 20.  These and others are also available in the PPT presentation linked on the “Power Points” page of this blog.

“A New Hevn” by Wirrow and Metaphorest:

“A New Hevn” results page

Lea Daniel’s “A New Hevn” illustrations

ASL “A New Hevn”

“Wanderer” animation by MarielV

“RighttoLeft” Tiny Story

“RightToLeft” Live Action Video Remix

YouTube Links:

Michael Ondaatje reading \”Sweet Like a Crow\”

Blake Carrington’s Cathedral Scans

Mysterious Book Carvings

Other Remix Projects of Interest

Book Sculpture: Smaug the Dragon

 A Symphony Created from the Data from the 2 Voyager Space Probes

Useful Sites for Remixing for public domain and license-free video and audio resources

British Library’s Collection of Historical Images: Over 1 million images from the library’s collection are now available in Flickr’s Creative Commons for free use and remixing.


Alberto Manguel on Why Literature Matters