Welcome to the Energy Tour

Inaugural Blog Post – October 9, 2012

Robert van Adrichem

This is my first-ever blog post. Actually, it’s my first-ever blog. We’ve created it to share information and foster dialogue on a unique opportunity for UNBC related to the sustainability of northern and rural communities. It’s rooted in the academic strengths of the university, the values of our students and alumni, and the unique campus infrastructure that is now energized by bioenergy. We’ve had bioenergy on campus since 2009 and now the opportunity exists to integrate it with housing (starting with the on-campus student residence) and food production (including a greenhouse and beyond—on-land fish farm anyone??) and be a role model for communities keen to bring energy production home and connect it to other ingredients for sustainability: food, shelter, employment. We’ll be on the road, telling people about this opportunity and why it matters.

We’re calling it the “energy tour.” There are a lot of reasons for this name: our energy project, the energy at the University leading up to the 25th anniversary in 2015, and the growth of the energy industry in northern BC as one of the defining features of the region these days.  We’ll be presenting to regional districts and other community members, politicians in Ottawa, and others. Join in, or let us know about other opportunities.

I’ve been an employee of UNBC for 20 years, and as a Vice-President, I’m privileged to meet with people from around the world who share an interest in UNBC. I’ll post regularly from presentations and meetings, and will start from Fort Nelson. Stay tuned.

Rob van Adrichem
Vice-President External Relations
University of Northern British Columbia