The Assessments tool allows students to take online quizzes, surveys, and self-tests.

Access the Assessments tool by clicking on the Assessments button on the left hand side menu under Content. This will give you the following view:

You can access the appropriate Assessment by clicking on the title, for example, Chapter 2 Self-Quiz. This will take you to a new window that provides you with the Assessment details. Here you can see that you will be limited to 1 hour, notified when your time expires and that the test allows multiple attempts. Begin the Assessment by clicking Begin as shown below:

For each question you answer, ensure that you click the Save Answer button before moving onto the next question or you may lose your answer by accident. You can also click on the Save All Answer button at the top and bottom of the page. When you have completed all the questions, click onSave and Submit.

Please note that some Assessments have a time limits and some may have warnings to let you know how much time is remaining. It is important though to monitor your own time when completing the Assessment.

Also many Assessments will require you to complete the Assessment in one sitting, so please ensure you have adequate time when you begin.

Depending on the setting determined by the instructor, you may or may not receive your score right away.