Welcome Back – January 2013 (Blake’s Blog)

Welcome back to UNBC for another semester!

The first weeks of the semester are always the best! The overall stress level is low, and everyone has exciting stories about time away from UNBC. There are also lots of exciting events going on around campus, and you (well at least I) feel like you might actually have time to participate.

I have always tried to take advantage of workshops, talks, and especially social events in the first month of each semester. I know that come February I am going to be swamped and too busy to do anything other than bury my face in a book or computer screen. There are lots of awesome things going on around campus – insert shameless plug for CTLT workshops here. However, I encourage everyone to enjoy the first few weeks as much as possible and take the opportunity to take a breath, because April is a long time from now!

Let us at the CTLT know if there is anything we can do to help your teaching experiences be less of a burden, and more like fun!


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CTLT Grad Student Website New Look


You may notice that things are changing on the CTLT Grad Students Website. We have received great feedback from students, and we are working to improve the site to better support Grad Students at UNBC.

If there is something that you’d like to see please contact us and let us know!


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Presentation font size

Getting the font size right for a presentation is often tricky, especially with different screen sizes and room sizes.

Here is the table that helps figure out the relationship between font size, screen size and audience distance (http://www.thinkoutsidetheslide.com/fontsize.htm).

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Workshop: Communicating to Diverse Audiences

A couple weeks ago we ran a workshop on Communicating to Diverse Audiences for the first time.

Here are some of the resources we used in class. Checkout this pdf for tips, tricks and videos.

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Learning Objectives

A good way of making sure your students learn what you are trying to teach them is to have very clearly outlined learning outcomes.

Check out this resource as a good starting point.

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