About me

I was born in Norrköping in southeastern Sweden, and it was there I developed my interest in nature. At age 11, my family moved to Piteå, a small town on the Gulf of Bothnia coast in northern Sweden known to some as the birthplace of Daniel Solander, one of Carl Linnaeus’ disciples, and famous (particularly to New Zealanders and Australians) as the naturalist on Captain Cook’s first voyage. I went to university at Umeå University 210 km south of my hometown, and finished my Fil.Kand (B.Sc.) at Uppsala University. After a few years as a failed PhD student in endocrinology back in Umeå, I got the opportunity to go to Canada, where I completed a Master of Pest management and Ph.D. under the supervision of Dr. John Borden. The courage to go off on my own was in large part because of a year spent in Lake Odessa, Michigan, as a high school exchange student. After a short stint as a post-doctoral fellow at UBC, I became Research Director of a fledgling pest management company in Delta, BC, where I stayed for 10 years before getting the opportunity of my life in 1994. From mid-1994 until the end of 2015 I was a Professor at the University of Northern British Columbia, in the Spruce Capital Prince George. I am now Professor Emeritus at UNBC living with my wife of 30+ years in Nanaimo, BC.

Photo: Me looking for invertebrates (and kelp, apparently) at Sooke, BC, where I was staying for a week-long writing retreat with my former post-doctoral fellow Niklas Björklund, SLU, Uppsala, Sweden. Photo by Niklas Björklund.

My interests are very broad, including pretty much any life form, but by profession I am an entomologist with particular interest in forest entomology, biodiversity, and plant insect interaction. Recreationally, I spend my time bird watching, photographing animals, kayaking and flyfishing (although the latter has suffered a bit lately). You can find more information by following me on ResearchGate or Twitter (@bslindgren). My blogs on entomology occur mostly at the Entomological Society of Canada blog site, and there are some blogs from my time caring for the UNBC Reef Tank (since my retirement called the B. Staffan Lindgren Reef Tank courtesy of my dear colleagues at UNBC). You can also see some of my photographs on Flickr. But blogs about most things of interest to me will be posted here. I hope you will enjoy the site!