New Study looking at transitions in healthcare with individuals living with differences in sex development (DSD) / intersex

Why are we doing this project? The ultimate goal of this study is to understand what are the current experiences of health care transitions for both ‘providers of health care’ and ‘individuals with intersex variation’. With this knowledge we hope to better understand how to develop timely, effective, and evidence-informed transition healthcare for Canadians with intersex, throughout their lives.

We will post the participant information here as well as a registration link to for anyone interested in joining our stakeholder meeting in Fall 2019 in BC and March in ON 2020.

MSFHR REACH award CAH and periods

Following early analysis of data from the Women Health Research Institute (WHRI) grant focusing on wellness in women with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), it was obvious that there was a need to share, translate, and mobilize knowledge into public and professional domains. Early findings show that menstrual wellness for women with CAH is constrained by the ongoing menstrual taboos, similar for all women. An additional stress factor for women with CAH is the variation in genital anatomy, cycle duration, and the impact of metabolic processes and steroid medication management.

Our aim was to develop a short animation about periods – have a look and share

Welcome to Dr. Caroline Sanders’ Blog

Welcome to my blog – its great to see you here.

My blog is a way to share information, raise questions and provide updates.  Not only will it be focusing on research but it will be used to share outputs from studies, interesting information, as well as stories of how people enjoy aspects of everyday life.

Getting the balance between work-life and home-life can be a challenge, so not only will I be exploring health issues important to children, young people and families, but I will be taking the time to discover and share the beauty of the Canadian scenery with the companionship of my faithful black labradors.