Living with C.A.H.

We are delighted to share our final version of our CAH infographic. This graphic has been designed based talking with women with CAH and uses what they shared and what was in the current literature (medical, hospital based, and social) as well as on websites from around the world. 

We have drawn this information together and presented as Be ABLE to ask. While this has a gendered focus to women – the approaches are open to be used with boys and men as well as others with health conditions. 

This was the first part of our work in this area, we are now working on looking at transitions in health . The ultimate goal of this study is to understand how we can develop timely, effective, and evidence-informed support for Canadians with intersex variations throughout the life-cycle. If you are interested in talking about your healthcare experiences, please contact join us in October 2019 in Vancouver (we can cover travel costs) and hopefully Ontario in early 2020. 

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