New courses each semester

Two months prior to the start of each semester, we automatically create a new Blackboard Learn ‘shell’ for every academic credit course based on information in the BANNER Student System. This information comes from the Course Request form so you do not need to request these. New courses are added daily as they appear in BANNER throughout the semester. When you login to Learn, check your Course Index list:

• If a course is missing from your list, it may be that BANNER did not list you as the instructor or the course is not offered. Contact the Registrar to update BANNER course and/or instructor information. Once BANNER is updated it takes about one business day for Blackboard to be updated as well.

• If you need next semester courses set up in Learn earlier than the normal 8-week lead-time, please contact please contact Grant Potter at the CTLT.

• If you are incorrectly listed as the instructor, please make sure BANNER does not list you as instructor. Course sites will be empty and set as “unavailable to students”. This means instructors can view and edit their courses, but students cannot see them. Courses will be automatically open to students the first day of classes in each semester. If you would like the courses opened early or later, please contact Grant Potter at the CTLT.

Class Roster Management

It is the instructor’s responsibility to ensure that their Learn course list is consistent with their Banner/FASTPortal student list, after each semester’s Add/Drop deadline. To get your official student list, you must login to FASTPortal. It is the instructor’s responsibility to un-enroll any students who have dropped their course, see Class Roster Management.

Combining sections

If you teach multiple sections or cross-listed courses and you want these students to share a single course site, the CTLT can can set this up for you. Please contact Grant Potter @ the CTLT for assistance.

Copying previous content

All newly created Learn courses will be empty. If you used Learn for a previous course and want to copy content into the new course, please indicate this preference to the CTLT. We can ensure content is imported when the new Learn shell is created.

Old courses

Courses for a given semester will remain active in Learn for approximately 2 weeks after the end of the semester. This is to accommodate students’ grade lookups and incompletes. After 2 weeks we will automatically change all the previous semester courses to “unavailable to students”. Deactivated courses are accessible to instructors, but not to students. If you need to reactivate a course for students, or if you no longer require access to old courses and wish to have them removed from your Learn course index, please contact Grant Potter at the CTLT.