Although similar to the Email tool, the Message tool can only be accessed by logging into the course. One advantage is that because the Message does not rely on an email address there is no possibility of incorrect or out of date email addresses.

IMPORTANT! There is no method for setting up a notification of a new Message, therefore users will need to make routine checks to ensure they receive messages in a timely manner.

The Message tool has two folders, Inbox and Sent which cannot be renamed or deleted.

Accessing the Message Tool

You can access the Messages tool from the Tools link on the Course Menu and from the Control Panel.

A. Access the Messages tool using the default Tools link on the Course Menu. On the Tools page, select Messages.


B. Alternatively, in the Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section and select Messages.

Sending an Email

1. Once you have accessed the Messages tool, click Create Message.

2. This will open the Compose Message page, select Recipients by clicking the To button to open a list of recipients. Here you may select an individual or group of recipients. Select the recipients in the Select Recipients box and click the right-pointing arrow to move them to the Recipients box.

Tip: For Windows, to select multiple recipients in the list, press the CTRL key and click on each recipient needed.

3. The message must have a Subject.

4. Type your message.

5. Click Upload an Attachment to browse for a file from your computer.

6. Click Submit

Viewing a Message

1. Once you have accessed the Messages tool, click Inbox to view messages.

2. Once you have viewed the message you can choose to Reply, Forward or Delete the message. Replying will give you the option to Reply to Sender or Reply All.