Initial Look and Navigation

When you first access your course shell it might look something like the following:

You should note the following 5 areas.

A. Control Panel

As an instructor you will have access to the control panel. From here you can add tools to your course, administer student access, manage your course files and do your grading.

B. Course Menu

The course menu is available to students. You can add and remove links to the menu in order to customise the organisation of materials in your course.

C. Edit Mode

When Edit Mode is toggled to ON you can make changes to your course in the content view instead of through the control panel. When toggled to OFF you can get an idea of what the course looks like to a student. To toggle the setting click once on the slider button.

D. Page Options

Each page within the course can be edited from the action menus and buttons found at the top of the page. Different types of pages will have different options.

E. Logout

When you are finished working in your course it is a good idea to logout.