Creating a New Grade Center Column

If a grade column is not created automatically, you can create grade columns for any student work you want to grade. For example, you can create a column to record participation grades.

1. In the Grade Center, click Create Column on the Action Bar.

2. On the Create Grade Column page, type a brief descriptive Column Name. This name will be the column heading and appears on the students’ My Grades page.

Tip: A short descriptive name will be easier to manage, such as Exp. 1 or Test 1, will be easier to manage.

3. Optionally, type a Description. Information provided here will appear on the students’ My Grades page.

4. Choose the grade format in the Primary Display drop-down menu. There are five default options:

  • Score: A numeric grade appears in the column. This is the default setting.
  • Letter: A letter grade appears. Note: If you want to use a Letter grade, please contact the CTLT to ensure the Letter grades are aligned with the UNBC standards.
  • Text: Text appears in the column when a custom text grading schema is created. Examples of text values include: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor OR Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory. Note: If you want to create a custom text grading schema, please contact the CTLT for more instructions on custom grading schema.
  • Percentage: A percentage appears in the column, for example, 21/30 appears as 70%
  • Complete/Incomplete: When the item is submitted a check mark (√) appears in the column, regardless of the score achieved.

5. Optionally, make a selection in the Secondary Display drop-down list. The default is none. The same options appear as in the Primary Display except for the option already chosen in the Primary and Text option. The Secondary Display value does not appear to students.

6. Category: Optionally you can associate the column with a category by making a selection in the Category drop-down list. The default setting is No Category.

7. In the Points Possible box, type the total points. Entries must be numeric.

8. Optionally, select the option next to Due Date and type a date (mm/dd/yyyy) or use the pop-up Date Selection Calendar.

9. Select the Options:

  • Include this Column in the Grade Center Calculations: Select Yes to make the column available for potential inclusion when creating calculated columns.
  • Show this Column to Students: Select Yes to display the column to students on their My Grades pages.
  • Show Statistics (average and median) for this column to Students in My Grades: Select Yes to include statistical information with the grade value when shown to students.

10. Click Submit.