Adding a Learning Module

A Learning Module is an area where a collection of content can be grouped together with an optional table of contents. You can add such things as individual files, folders, assignments, quizzes or other tools to the learning module. You may wish to add one for a specific unit of class materials, or a specific theme or learning objective.

Please note: A learning module is not the same as a Course Module that you add to the homepage.

1. In the Course Menu click on Content.


2. Click on Build Content to get a drop down menu and then click on Learning Module.


3. Fill in the 5 part form and click on Submit.

  • Learning Module Information: The only required field is Name. You can also add a description if you wish
  • Availability: The default is users can view the content. You can also turn that off or set time and dates for the learning module to become visible or to stop being visible.
  • View: You can choose to force the students to view the content in sequential order. You can have the content open in a new window and also track the number of views.
  • Table of Contents: You can turn off the table of contents or select the type of labelling you want in the Hierarchy Display.
  • Submit: When you have made the selections you want click Submit. You can edit them later if you wish.


4. You will now see the learning module on the content page and can add your content to it.