learn.unbc.ca Instructor Guide

These pages are intended for instructors at UNBC who will be or are using http://learn.unbc.ca in their courses. If you feel a topic should be added or if you need more specific help please contact the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT).


Accessing learn.unbc.ca

Where do I access learn.unbc.ca?

What is my username and password?

Semester Start Procedures / Semester End Procedures

I would like to use learn.unbc.ca in my course.  Who do I talk to?

I need to add or remove a student from my learn.unbc.ca class roster.  How do I do this?

Course Roles

Basic Navigation & Content Management

Menus and Navigation

Sharing files with students

Adding Links to the Content Menu

Adding Links to Library Resources


Learning Modules

Building a Learning Module

Adding Content to a Learning Module




Discussion Board

Grade Center

Creating a New Grade Center Column

Creating a Weighted Column