Reports, presentations, and other publications will be posted here as the project goes forward.

Journal articles

[open access] Connell, David J., and Lou-Anne Daoust-Filiatrault (2017).  Better Than Good: Three Dimensions of Plan Quality.  Journal of Planning Education and Research, 1-8.  DOI: 10.1177/0739456X17709501

Connell, D. J., Bryant, C. R., Caldwell, W. J., Churchyard, A., Cameron, G., Johnston, T., Margulis, M. E., Ramsey, D., & Marois, C. (2013). Food sovereignty and agricultural land use planning: The need to integrate public priorities across jurisdictions. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development.  Advance online publication.

Policy Briefs

FARMLAND PROTECTION: Strengthening BC’s Legislation (January, 2018)

FARMLAND: A Prerequisite for Farmers, Food – and Agri-food Policy (August, 2016)
LES TERRES AGRICOLES: Un préalable pour les agriculteurs, l’alimentation et la politique agroalimentaire Notre de Politique (August, 2016; French)

Final reports for case study sites


Rapid assessment reports

Rural Municipality of Corman Park SK
Studholm Parish, NB

Town of Cornwall, PE

City of St John’s, NL


Assessment Toolkit


Research Bulletins

Protecting Canada’s Farmland, Research Bulletin

Protecting Farmland in Northern BC, Research Bulletin
July 2014 Issue