Northern BC Project

A separate, but complementary, project is being conducted in Northern BC.  The general aim of this project is to assess the state of agricultural land use planning in this part of the province.

Northern BC is home to most of the ALR land in BC but there is not much prime farmland and relatively little urban pressure. There is, however, significantly more pressure from natural resource development, such as pipelines, the Site C dam, and oil and gas, with associated impacts on water quality and access. The proposed research will provide an evidence-based perspective to the current public debate about the value of agriculture and farmland preservation. By critically examining how the changing role and value of agriculture within BC might affect land use planning in northern BC we will improve our understanding of how planning processes accommodate public priorities. We will also examine positive opportunities, such as increasing access to agricultural land as an outcome of forestry activities.

Report:  Assessment for northern BC

Final reports for case study sites

Protecting Farmland in Northern BC, Research Bulletin