About the project

The purpose of our proposed research is to critically examine how the changing role and value of agriculture within Canadian society today might affect agricultural land use planning within and across national, provincial and local jurisdictions.

Our primary aim is to assess the state of farmland protection in Canada.  For this we examined the strength of each province’s legislative framework to protect farmland.  A framework includes legislative acts and regulations as well as policies.  At the municipal level, we also examined statutory plans (e.g., official plans), zoning bylaws, and other related policy documents and strategic plans.

We sought to provide a unique, evidence-based perspective to the current public debate and clearly delineate the public interest in protecting farmland.

The outcome of the research to date is the first comprehensive, nation-wide assessment of the state of farmland protection in Canada.  These results will be of benefit to land use decision makers, planning practitioners and policy-makers at all three levels of government, to non-governmental organisations, industry groups, farmer organisations, farmers and the general public, as well as to other jurisdictions around the world.


Team Members

Dr. David J. Connell  (Project Lead)
Associate Professor
Ecosystem Science and Management
University of Northern British Columbia
Phone: (250) 960 5835
Email: david.connell@unbc.ca

Dr. Christopher Bryant
Geography Department
University of Montreal
Phone:  514-343-8061
Email:  chris.r.bryant @ umontreal.ca

Dr. Wayne Caldwell
School of Environmental Design and Rural Development
University of Guelph
Phone:  514-824-4120 x56420
Email:  wcaldwel@uoguelph.ca

Dr. Greg Cameron
Associate Professor
Political Science and Rural Studies
Dalhousie University
Phone: (902) 893.6228
Email: gregory.cameron@dal.ca

Dr. Douglas Ramsey
Associate Professor
Rural Development
Brandon University
Phone: (204) 571-8514
Email:  ramsey@brandonu.ca

Dr. Matias Margulis
Assistant Professor
Division of History and Politics
University of Stirling
Tel: +44 (0) 1786 467585
Email: m.e.margulis@stir.ac.uk

Dr. Claude Marois
Geography Department
University of Montreal
Phone: 514-343-8062
Email:  claude.marois@umontreal.ca

Dr. Tom Johnston
Associate Professor
Geography Department
University of Lethbridge
Phone: (403) 329-2534
Email: johnston@uleth.ca

Arthur Churchyard
Independent researcher